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 infrared LED light IR Transmitter module
infrared LED light IR Transmitter module
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 Infrared Emission Sensor Module For Arduino Starters Compatible KY-005.
Infrared transmitting tube, also known as infrared light emitting diode, as part of the diode. It is to be able to convert electrical energy directly into near-infrared light (not visible) and radiation out of the light-emitting device, mainly used in all kinds of photoelectric switch and remote transmission circuit. Infrared transmitting tube structure, the principle of similar to ordinary light emitting diode, just use different semiconductor materials. Infrared leds are typically used gallium arsenide (GaAs), aluminum gallium arsenic (GaAlAs), and other materials, the use of transparent or light blue, black resin encapsulation.
Launch distance and Angle (15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 180 degrees c), the intensity of light emission, wavelength. Above for the physical parameters, it is necessary to understand its electric performance parameters, on the market commonly used 3 mm in diameter, 5 mm for small power infrared transmitting tube, 8 mm, 10 mm for the power and high power tube. Small power transmitting tube forward voltage: 1.1-1.5 V, current 20 ma, in power for the forward voltage: 1.4-1.65 V 50-100 ma, high-power tubes for the forward voltage: 1.5-1.9 V200-350 ma. Yu star electronics to make 1-10 w high power infrared transmitting tube can be applied to the infrared monitoring lighting
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