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 Liquid Water Flow Sensor Meter (Flowmeter 0.3-6L/m
Liquid Water Flow Sensor Meter (Flowmeter 0.3-6L/m
SKU : Flow01-C23
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Price:PKR 550.00
1 red IN connect the anode
2 yellow OUT signal output line
3 black GND connect the cathode
4 green R temperature sensor (50 k, 3950 k or 3950 k please customers according to the requirements of their chosen)
YF - S201 frequency: F = 7.5 * Q (L/Min) error: plus or minus 2% voltage: 3.5-24 VDC, current should not exceed 10 ma, 450 pulse output flow through a litre
The frequency calculation = constant flow rate (L/min) 7.5 * unit time (in seconds)
Flow range: 1-30 l/min

Use notice:
It is forbidden to severe impact and chemical erosion.
It is forbidden to throw or collision.
Vertical installation, to no more than 5 degrees.
Medium temperature should not be more than 1200 c.
Second, the output waveform: square wave
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