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 DC 12V Electric Centrifugal Water Pump
DC 12V Electric Centrifugal Water Pump
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Dimensions: Approx 9cm x 5cm x 7cm (L x W x H)

Color: Black

Rated voltage: 12V DC.

Rated current: 1050mA.

Diameter of Outlet: 20.3mm

Diameter of Inlet: 20.3mm

Food-grade: Yes

Capacity: 600L/H

Pump head: 3.8M.

Noise: <=40dBA/0.5M.

Working temperature: 0°C ~ +100°C

Service life: 20000 hours up.

Motor: DC brushless motor.

Pump: Centrifugal pump.

Waterproof Rate: IP68

Suitable for: Aquarium, solar-panel circulate system, fountain, electronic refrigerator, water heater etc.

This water pump can be amphibious.

Package Content:
1x Centrifugal Water Pump
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