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 12V DC Mitsubishi Denso Water pump 4 liter 33 feet
12V DC Mitsubishi Denso Water pump 4 liter 33 feet
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app 4 liter per minute at height 30 feets,  The Mitsubishi TH Magna water pump is a 12V DC DENSO ‘060210-1480’ unit.
Like most many pumps, this unit has a relatively large (17mm OD) inlet fitting that pushes into a rubber grommet. The pump’s outlet fitting has a smaller 5.5mm OD. The main body of the Magna pump is 60mm tall and 30mm diameter – a typical size.
In terms of water pressure and flow, Pressure is 29 PSI, the Magna pump is a mid-runner in the field. With the Spraying Systems nozzle fitted it can deliver flow rate of  6 liter per minute. also it can deliver water to app 11 yards 33 feets,  Note that this is achieved a constant 14.2 volts – the test voltage used for each pump. Peak current draw on start-up is 5.2 amps, while the continuous draw is 2.7 amps.
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