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 Smart car chassis Robot with wheels and 2 plates
Smart car chassis Robot with wheels and 2 plates
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Car reserved UNO, MEGA2560,51 MCU control panel, OUR drive module, tracing module, obstacle avoidance sensor photoelectric switch holes, easy to assemble and expand

Seven characteristics:
1. Lowest acrylic car, cost-effective
2. Simple assembly, 5 minutes to complete the assembly.
3. Powerful scalability, complete a variety of functions of the smart car
4. 130 strong magnetic torque DC geared motor, not the motor acts as a toy, two to three times the normal torque motor provides 1:48 and 1: 120 ratio selectable speed than the speed the greater the load, the stronger
5. code disc from the original 10 cells, 20 cells upgraded to make double precision and strength
6. car information rich, providing a variety of test code
7. Quality send two 5 battery box, 
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