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 Mini KK2.1.5 Flight Controller with LCD for quadco
Mini KK2.1.5 Flight Controller with LCD for quadco
SKU : KK2mini-D10
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Price:PKR 2500.00
The KK2.1.5 is by far the easiest way to get your multirotor in the air! The ONLY true "PLUG & PLAY" solution for flight control, this is a full feature flight controller that will operate everything from a Bi-Copter to an Octocopter. The KK2 board offers two basic flight modes; Auto-Level & Full Manual mode. There are no complex Barometers, Compass or GPS devices to complicate things making it possible to install & fly this in a matter of MINUTES!!
This is the newest revision, 2.1.5, of the KK2 board with upgraded sensor and a slightly more powerful CPU.  We install a modified firmware written by Steveis from RCGroups. 

CPU: Atmega644
ACC: MPU6050
BARO: none
MAG: none
Mounting Holes: 35x35
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