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 MACH3 Engraving Machine CNC 5-Axis Stepper Motor
MACH3 Engraving Machine CNC 5-Axis Stepper Motor
SKU : CNC5Axis-C244-C245
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Price:PKR 750.00
1.Full support MACH3  and other support parallel port control computer software.
2, USB power supply and external power supply phase separation, ensure computer security.
3, peripheral wide input voltage, 12-24V, and anti reverse function.
4, all the input signal by optical coupling isolation, can connect  stop, knife, limit, etc, guarantee the security of the computer.
5, One way relay output port, which can control the main switch. The output port is P17 port.
6,one way through the optocouplerisolation0-10V analog output voltage, can control the frequency converter with the corresponding analog interface, controlling spindle speed. The output port is P1 port.
7, open all 17 ports, can be connected driver with optical drive, can control 5 axis stepper motor.
8, P1 as the PWM output, can control the spindle speed regulator with optocoupler input.
9, Can connect  common cathode or common anode, input level for the 5V driver.
10, plate printing all port name, stick out a mile.
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