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 25GA370 DC motor with encoder high power
25GA370 DC motor with encoder high power
SKU : EGM12V370R-C267
Stock : 26pcs
Price:PKR 1050.00
This product is a dual phase Holzer encoder geared motor, the precious metal magnetic brush motor. Long service life, low noise, large torque, stable and reliable performance, can be inverted, encoder resolution 11 lines, reducer resolution is equal to 11 times the speed of the reduction ratio.
This type of motor is a standard type of our conventional motor production, widely used in intelligent self balancing two wheeled vehicle intelligent tracking car smart appliances robot camera rocker cutting machine

Connection method:
Red motor power supply + (opposite wiring can control the motor in reverse)
Black code power upply Negative - Yellow is encoder signal feedback (motor turns 11A signal)
White - GND to encoder
Green power+ positive encoder (positive and negative is not acceptable. encoder voltage should be 3.3 - 6V)

diameter Phi 25mm length according to different parameters of different length
[axial length] D 12mm long 8mm
Diameter D 4mm type shaft diameter
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