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 Nema17 Hybrid Stepper Motor 42HB34F08AB
Nema17 Hybrid Stepper Motor 42HB34F08AB
SKU : Stepper01-G18
Stock : 2pcs
Price:PKR 1100.00
Nema17 stepper motor 42HB34F08AB 34mm length with wire high quality 3d printer motor with 1000mm long cable

Size: 42*42mm
Motor depth: 34mm
Shaft diameter: 5mm
Shaft length: 20mm
2 Phase 4 wires
Weight: 350g
Step angel: 1.8 degree/step
Rated voltage:4.83V
Current: 0.84 A/phase
Resistance: 5.75 O/phase
Inductance: 9.3mH/phase
Holding torque:
Insulation class: B
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