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 Digital Car CNG Fuel Controller CFC1.0
Digital Car CNG Fuel Controller CFC1.0
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The Megatronics R&D team has made a Digital Car CNG andFuel controller CFC1.0 , CFC1.0 has a display which will show the Battery status,Engine RPM Acceleration, Fuel level, CNG level, active source, and it also hasa setting menu.
CFC1.0 is compatible with both EFI and Non-EFI CNG kits, andcan work with both IR CNG sensor and Slider CNG sensor (VR Sensor). CFC1.0 usesa 8 pin interface connector since most of the old and new controller uses 8pins, we also kept everything as user-friendly as possible for the ease ofuser.
CFC1.0 shows Fuel 0% to 100% when the fuel wire is connectedbut if it is not connected then it will display 0.
CFC1.0 shows CNG in 4 Levels for IR CNG sensor.
CFC1.0 shows CNG 0% to 100% if the CNG sensor is a Slidersensor (VR sensor)
RPM is shown with a Bar that can increase or decreaseaccording to the Engine RPM acceleration.
Battery level is shown with the bars as well as a valuebeneath it.
All the calibrations is done through a menu,
to load menu press and hold middle two keys for fiveseconds, once the menu is loaded use UP, Down, back, Enter and Save forrequired actions.
Packing List:
CFC1.0 Controller
8Pin Female connector,  just in case yourcar does not have that same 8 pin connector. You can do the connections accordingto the manual.
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