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 CD4093BE Quad 2 input NAND schmitt trigger 4093
CD4093BE Quad 2 input NAND schmitt trigger 4093
SKU : 4093-C356
Stock : 200pcs
Price:PKR 20.00
CD4093BE consists of four Schmitt trigger circuits. Each circuit functions as a two input NAND gate with Schmitt trigger action on both inputs. The gate switches at different points for positive- and negative-going signals. The difference between the positive voltage (VP) and the negative voltage (VN) is defined as hysteresis voltage (VH).
  • Schmitt trigger action on each input with no external components
  • Hysteresis voltage typically 0.9 V at VDD = 5V and 2.3V at VDD = 10V
  • Noise immunity greater than 50%
  • No limit on input rise and fall times
  • Standardised, symmetrical output characteristics
  • 100% tested for quiescent current at 20V
  • Maximum input current of 1µA at 18V over full package temperature range, 100nA at 18V and 25°C


Clock & Timing, Consumer Electronics, Embedded Design & Development

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