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 4 Slots USB Battery Charger For Ni-MH Li-ion LiFeP
4 Slots USB Battery Charger For Ni-MH Li-ion LiFeP
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1. The charger can charge cylinder lithium ion batteries (3.6, 3.7V and 3.8V), Ni-MH/Cd, ferric phosphate lithium cell(LiFePO4)

2. Read this manual before use and pay special attention to the recommended charge current, must avoid to charge battery beyond the recommended current limit

3. 5V USB adapter (adapter current 2A) is recommended

4. Cation heating while charging

5. Remove the charger from power source after charging complete, and remove the battery from the charger at the same time

6. For indoor use only

USB DC 5V input, four independent charging and micro computer management system

Charging under constant voltage and current
suitable for 550mm length x 18mm width battery size. or less, suitable for 18500, 14500 3.7v cell

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