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 74HC00 Logic IC Quad 2 input NAND gate 7400
74HC00 Logic IC Quad 2 input NAND gate 7400
SKU : 74HC00-C342
Stock : 424pcs
Price:PKR 20.00
Logic IC
Quad 2-In NAND
5 vdc
0 - 70'C
14 pin DIL
TTL logic IC comprising 4 seperate 2 input NAND gates in one 14pin DIL package.

Logic Type: NAND
Output Current: 16mA
No. of Inputs: 2
Supply Voltage Min: 4.75V
Supply Voltage Max: 5.25V
Logic Case Style: DIP
No. of Pins: 14
Operating Temperature Min: 0°C
Operating Temperature Max: 70°C
Logic Function Number: 7400
Logic IC Function: Quadruple 2-Input NAND Gate
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