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 micro DC 12V motor dual shaft carbon brush gear
micro DC 12V motor dual shaft carbon brush gear
SKU : MTR12V1-K39
Stock : 206pcs
Price:PKR 50.00
dual shaft micro DC 12V 030 motor dual shaft with metal pinion gear on one side iron back cover carbon brush
Motor specifications: 12*15.5 MM
Motor height: 19 MM
Output shaft: 1.5 MM
Front output shaft length: 8 MM (front axle with a copper gear)
Rear output shaft length: 14 MM
Voltage: 12 V
Current: 0.05 A (blocking 0.42)
Speed: 13100 RPM
Weight: 12 g
This batch of motors is produced by Japan's Meisei Mitsumi Company. It is a 030 motor with an iron back cover, and it is also a carbon brush 030 motor. Like these small motors, it is very difficult to make a small motor 12V withstand voltage.
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