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 Arduino Pro mini ATega328 5V 16M New version impro
Arduino Pro mini ATega328 5V 16M New version impro
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Arduino Pro mini ATega328 5V 16M New version improved

Pro Mini is built on the basis of ATmega328 microcontroller. has 14 digital Inputs / Outputs (6 of which can be used as PWM outputs), 8 Analog inputs. Reset button.

headers are included in the package, but they are not soldered.

to connect the Pro Mini to the computer, it is necessary to use the USB-UART adapter, which can be found on our website. or to upgrade from the firmware via the ISP interface (programmer is required). unregulated power supply is applied to RAW, with a peak of 12 V. The supply of the regulator will reduce it to the logic level. (keep in mind that higher input voltage higher after current stabilizer up to 350mA operating current.

Stable power supply logic level 5 V is input to the VCC.

technical data
supply voltage 5V
voltage input 5-9V RAW Pin only
digital I / O-14 (6 PWM)
analog input-8 (A0-A7)
-32KB Flash memory (2 KB used by the bootloader)
RAM-2 Kb
clock speed of 16 MHz
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