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 12.6V 1A 3S 3 Cell battery balance charger lithium
12.6V 1A 3S 3 Cell battery balance charger lithium
SKU : BC126V1-D8C
Stock : 94pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
12.6V 1A 3S 3 Cell battery balance charger lithium 12.6V 1000MA battery strong light flashlight foot power charger

3 string battery pack, 12.6V lithium battery pack. Model aircraft, electric toy car polymer battery pack. 2 color indicator LED lights, when full charged, red color turn to green.
This product has many kinds of protection functions, enter the protection mode, LED lights will flashing red light. When this happens, unplug the adapter immediately and check if the circuit is short-circuited-quality components, dual-IC program intelligent control circuit, SMD motherboard design.

1). input voltage : AC 240v
2). output voltage: DC 12.6V
3). output power: 1000mA 12.6W
4). automatic voltage regulation in the connectors
5). With SCP & OCP& OVP protection
6) Certification: UL FCC ROHS

Features for 12.6V 1A charger
Low price and high reliability
105°C output capacitor
AC input power suitable for the world
High efficiency and low operation temperature
Soft-start current can reduce the AC input
impact effectively
With Short-circuit and overload protection
Compact size, light weight
100% full-load burning test
Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave
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