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 Fingerprint Recognition Module FPM10A sensor
Fingerprint Recognition Module FPM10A sensor
SKU : Fsen-B183
Brand :Megatronics Pk
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Optical Fingerprint Recognition Module FPM10A

The FPM10A Optical Fingerprint Sensor makes fingerprint detection and verification a piece of cake.
The module has a next-generation DSP chip does does complex DSP tasks such as image rendering, pattern recognition, image compression and lots of other tasks in a fraction of a second.
The module has internal flash memory where you can store upto 300 fingerprints. The RED LED in the lens lights up during fingerprint detection, so you know it is working.
You can even see the image of your fingerprint using the SFGDemo (Windows-only) test software
power supply voltage: dc 3.6  6.0v
supply current: working current:  120ma
peak current:  140ma
the time of fingerprint image input:  1 seconds
the window size: 14 x 18 mm
profile: 256 bytes
template file: 512 bytes
storage capacity: 1000
false accept rate far :  0.001 percent  safety grade 3 
frr frr :  1 percent  safety grade 3 
the search time:  1 seconds 1:500, mean 
computer interface: uart ttl logic level 
the communication baud rate uart : 9600 x n  bps where n  1   12 the default value of n  6, namely 57600bps 
working environment: temperature:  20 degree c to plus 50 degree c
relative humidity: 40 percent rh to 85 percent rh no treatment 
storage conditions: temperature:  40 degree c to plus 85 degree c
relative humidity:  85 percent h no treatment 
dimensions l x w x h :56 x 20 x 21.5mm

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