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 ADC/DAC PCF8591 Analog to digital Converter
ADC/DAC PCF8591 Analog to digital Converter
Stock : 27pcs
Price:PKR 600.00
module chip using pcf8951
module supports external voltage input of the 4 way acquisition voltage input range of 0 5v
the module integrated photoresistor by ad collection precise value of the ambient light intensity
module integrated thermistor by the precise value of the ambient temperature of the ad acquisition
module integrated 1 channel 0 5v voltage input acquisition the blue potentiometer to adjust the input voltage
modules with power indicator for the module power supply indicator lights
modules with da output indicator, when the module da output interface voltage reaches a certain value, will be lit panel the da output indicator, the higher the voltage, the more obvious indicator brightness
module pcb size: 3.6cm x 2.3cm
standard double panel, thickness 1.6mm, nice layout, surrounded by a through hole, aperture: 3mm, convenient fixed
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