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 USBasp USB ISP Programmer for ATMEL AVR with Case
USBasp USB ISP Programmer for ATMEL AVR with Case
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Price:PKR 1200.00
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1. No need to install drivers.Plugged into a computer USB port, the display found engineering input device
2. WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 operating system.
3. USB port supply 500mA recoverable fuse, short circuit overcurrent protection, the target board can also be powered with USB.
4. The download is complete, does not affect the operation of the target board.
5. S51 and AVR chip burn faster than a parallel port ISP faster, more stable.
6. Using the standard IDC10 interface.

51 series
AT89S51 AT89S52
AVR series
AT90can128 AT90can32 AT90can64 AT90pwm2 AT90pwm3 AT90s1200 AT90s2313 AT90s2323 AT90s2343 AT90s4414 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90usb1286 AT90usb1287
Atmega103 Atmega128 Atmega1280 Atmega1281 Atmega16 Atmega161 Atmega162 Atmega163 Atmega164 Atmega165 Atmega168 Atmega169 Atmega2560 Atmega2561 Atmega32 Atmega323 Atmega324 Atmega325 Atmega3250 Atmega3259 Atmega329 Atmega3290 Atmega406 Atmega48 Atmega64 Atmega640 Atmega644 Atmega645 Atmega6450 Atmega649 Atmega6490 Atmega8 Atmega8515 Atmega8535 Atmega88
Attiny11 Attiny12 Attiny13 Attiny15 Attiny22 Attiny2313 Attiny24
Attiny25 Attiny26 Attiny261 Attiny28 Attiny44 Attiny45 Attiny46
Attiny461 Attiny84 Attiny85 Attiny861
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