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 XBee PRO S3B 900HP 900MHz RF module Range 14KM
XBee PRO S3B 900HP 900MHz RF module Range 14KM
SKU : XBEE900-C51
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 The XBee-PRO 900 RF module is ideally suited for less power-hungry, low-latency point-to-multipoint networking applications. Capable of point-to-point, peer-to-peer and point-to-multipoint networking, The XBee-900 modules have a higher selectable transmitting power of 250mW. This higher Tx power allows for line-of-sight range up to 28 miles with the right antenna. It is ideal for solutions where RF penetration and absolute transmission distance are paramount to the application.
 As a member of the XBee family of RF products, the module is easy-to-use, shares a common footprint, and leverages Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions including gateways and adapters. No configuration is necessary for out-of-the-box RF communications. The module’s default configuration supports a wide range of data system applications. Advanced configurations can be implemented using simple serial AT commands.
900MHz VS 2.4GHz
Most of the Xbee modules operate at 2.4GHz, but there are a few that operate at 900MHz. Basically, 900MHz can go a lot farther with a high gain antenna (up to 15miles for the Pro modules and a high gain antenna). Also the lower the frequency the greater penetration the signal has. 900MHz is also not allowed in many countries (although there are 868MHz versions available from Digi that are allowed in many other countries). You can NOT mix and match these on the same network.
Processor: ADF7023 transceiver, Cortex-M3 EFM32G230 @ 28 MHz
Programmable includes: Freescale MC9S08QE32
Frequency Band: 902 to 928 MHz, software selectable channel mask for interference immunity

RF Data Rate: 10 Kbps or 200 Kbps
Indoor/Urban Range: 10 Kbps: up to 2000 ft (610 m); 200 Kbps: up to 1000 ft (305 m)
Outdoor/ Line-Of-Sight Range: 10 Kbps: up to 9 miles (14 km); 200 Kbps: up to 4 miles (6.5 km) ( w/ 2.1 dB dipole antennas)
Transmit Power: Up to 24 dBm (250 mW) software selectable
Receiver Sensitivity: -101 dBm @ 200 Kbps, -110 dBm @ 10 Kbps
Data Interface: UART (3V), SPI
GPIO: Up to 15 Digital I/O, 4 10-bit ADC inputs, 2 PWM outputs
Networking Topologies: DigiMesh, Repeater, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Peer-to-Peer
Spread Spectrum: FHSS (Software Selectable Channels)
Memory: N/A 32 KB
CPU/Clock Speed: N/A
Supply Voltage 2.1 to 3.6 VDC C
Transmit Current 215 mA
Receive Current 29 mA
Sleep Current 2.5 uA
Physical Properties
Weight: 6.4g
Size: 3.3cm x 2.5cm (4.5 x 2.5cm with connector)
Antenna: RPSMA
Package list:
1 x XBee PRO S3B RPSMA antenna
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