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 3A TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Controller CNC 3D
3A TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Controller CNC 3D
SKU : TB6560STPR-G52
Stock : 1pcs
Price:PKR 1250.00
1) the working voltage dc 10 v - 35 v. It is recommended to use DC24V power supply switch power supply.
2) using 6N137 high speed light lotus root, do not break step to ensure high speed.
3) using Toshiba TB6560AHQ new original chips with low pressure off parking, overheating and over current protection circuit, ensure optimal performance.
4) rated maximum output is: plus or minus 3 A, 3.5 A peak.
5) suitable for 42,57 step 3 a two phase within the four phase/lines to four/six step motor, stepping motor is not suitable for more than 3 a.
6) automatic half flow function.
Step 7) segmentation: the whole, half step, step 1/8, 1/16, the biggest 16 segment.
8) size: L50 * W75 * H35 (MM)
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