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 Hot melting pistol glue gun 220AC 20W 7mm
Hot melting pistol glue gun 220AC 20W 7mm
SKU : MGG2-F10AS11
Stock : 263pcs
Price:PKR 450.00
Handy and lightweight, comfortable to hold in hand.
Heats quickly (2-3mins), no waste of time.
Easy operation, 2 finger trigger, moves up and down in an arc.
Wide application in handcraft and repair job.

1. When the new glue gun is used for the first time, little smoke may appear, which is a normal phenomenon. After 30 minutes of use, the smoke will disappear automatically.
2. The glue gun shall not be raised and the nozzle shall not be upward during operation. If the glue gun is not applied for 15 minutes, please cut off the power supply to avoid damages caused by glue overflow.
3. In the process of use, do not take out the leftover glue stick. It can be used after next heating.

Material: Plastic, Aluminum 
Warm-up Time: 2-3 minutes 
Plug: EUR Standard Plug 
Working Power: 20W 
Voltage: 100-240 (V) 
Frequency : 50-60Hz
Color: black, white, yellow, blue we will send you random color
Glue rod diameter :7mm
- Great for home, office and school DIY crafts projects Super strong adhesive and easy to clean, suitable for metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics, etc. 
- Power switch with LED light mode Trigger propulsion device controls glue flow .

Small Elm 20w Hot Melt Glue Gun
1. For hobby and craft.
2.output power: 20W, easy operation

Packing list
ELM 20W Glue gun (without glue stick)
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