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 Vetus ESD-15 tweezer Heat Resistant anti static
Vetus ESD-15 tweezer Heat Resistant anti static
SKU : ESD15-H50F3A
Stock : 70pcs
Price:PKR 120.00
VETUS tweezers Founded in 1996, is a research and development, production, sales Tweezers Professional production companies. After ten years of development, has become the largest in Asia Tweezers Professional manufacturer, with an annual output of high-grade forceps 1.5 million, all kinds of middle and low forceps 2 million. VETUS tweezers are widely used in electronics, watches, jewelry, cloth inspection pick times, chemicals, laboratory and high-tech areas such as product quality standards by the Swiss designer, alternative Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, the United States and other professional brands. VETUS aim is to guarantee the quality, to provide customers with quality products.
We only Tweezers And only high quality Tweezers, VETUS tweezers constantly, constantly, customer satisfaction is our unswerving pursuit of goals.

ESD-12 (high elasticity): Powerful than the standard tweezers tweezers , but also in the clip board with a strong tweezers will not bend, members do not fall.

ESD-15 (Eagle Tsui): This tweezers Tsui bent 450 °, applied to extract components in a narrow place.
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