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 ATS AMF Controller automatic transfer switch gener
ATS AMF Controller automatic transfer switch gener
Brand : Megatronics.Pk
Stock : Out of Stock
Price:PKR 1350.00
Model: ATS-F60V4
Manufacturer:  Pvt Ltd, Pakistan.

Here is the Demo and installation guide. click on the link. also subscribe our youtube channel.
 wiring diagram click below link

ATS-F60V4 is the 4th Refined version of ATS by Ltd),  this controller board is specially designed for Generator Automatic start, stop and other maintenance applications. It starts and stop the Genset in automatic or manual Mode, which can be set from a switch available on the Controller board. Since its SMT technology the ATS-F60V4 is much reliable and Low power consumption, which is less than 20mA current.
This Model have LCD, keypad and status LED`s for better user interface and easy system configurations.
ATS-F60V4 is an ideal controller board for Automatic Controling wide variety of Petrol, diesel & gas genset application.

ATS AMF Controller automatic transfer switch or Automatic generator starter controller board with LCD, Keypad.

1: RoHS Certified, Compact size, and Very Low power consumption less than 20mA current.
2: SMT SMD (Surface mount Technology), Double layer.
3: Input Power i: Battery  ii: AC adapter option
4: LCD and some relays are optional on demand (which can reduce the cost very much if not used).
5: Status LED`s, LCD Display and Six keys Keypad for easy interface with system configuration.
6: Chowk option before self.
7: Oil and Temperature check.
8: upto 9 self can be set, default is 3 self.
9: Duration of self and Chowk are adjustable.
10: Easy Auto and Manual operation selection.
11: Input power polirity protection.
12: Dedicated components for each relay.
13: Main AC and Input DC power Isolation.
Supply voltage 9V to 12V Recommended (Supply voltage must not exceed 15V or it will burn the ATS)
when connected with 12V battery of Generator and generator is in running condition mean alternator is charging battery, do not remove battery from generator because charging 18V will flow directly to ATS board and it will burn.

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