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 Data Logger OJ-XM1127 TF Card Read and Write Memory
Data Logger OJ-XM1127 TF Card Read and Write Memory
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Data Logger
  tf card reader and writer module for arduino , adopts easy plug spi connector
  the module can program the corresponding program to achieve the sensors and imu temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, gps etc.  data record and other functions via the dupont line, arduino main control board or other singlechip connection. the data can be analyzed and used via tf card reader to read the tf card data
  module with 2 leds indicator if card status


  working voltage: 3  5v 
  communication mode: spi 
  tf card holder is automatic pop out
  size: 25x35mm

pin configuration:

  cd: card insert detection
  cs: card selection
  mosi: spi data input port
  miso: spi data output port
  sck: spi clock
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