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The RB - 150AM is the newest generation brush DC coreless motor servo motor special for robot , internal non-iron rotor, high energy conversion efficiency, high activating braking response speed , reliable operation stability, good adaptive capability, low electromagnetic interference, small volume, light weight, conductive plastic potentiometer with good precision and rubproofness. The motor control integrated circuit (IC) adopting digital chip and power switch make H bridge circuit, voltage control in bipolar driver mode ,fast response speed, small no response zone, high positioning accuracy, good compatibility and anti-jamming capability,  suitable for robot and model airplane field .
- Dimensions:40mmx20mm x 40.5mm
- Stop Torque  (6.0V):
- Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.16sec / 60° at no load
-  No load current(6.0V):400mA
- Stop current:2.3A
- Temperature Range:-10°C ~ +50°C
- Operation Voltage:5.0 - 7.20Volts 

Pakcing List:
1 x RB-150AM Servo Motor
2 x U Servo Bracket 
2 x Metal Horn 
18 x Screw
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