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 FM Transmitter V2.0 Digital FM Radio Module
FM Transmitter V2.0 Digital FM Radio Module
SKU : FMTX2.0-C195
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Build Your FM Transmission Station With Arduino:
How to:

Ever thinking about set up a music radio station yourself? I think it  would be great if you could build a music station and share your music  with others. Pretty cool, right? This module could modulate your voice  on the FM radio wave. And anyone who has a radio device could receive  it. We build everything on this module, which makes it very easy to  build a tiny radio station. We also create library for Arduino to work  with this module. We make everything easy for you.
It is designed audio interface, and used for microphone or audio  signal cable.
It is voltage chip, the voltage is wide and stability.
It is convenient for set frequent and input signal with five  buttons.
The input audio signal amplitude adjustment and microphone  sensitivity adjustment.
FM wireless microphone audio stereo - forwarding FM  radio small power.

I2C interface 5V TTL compatible
Arduino plug and play
Onboard MIC
VCC Input: 3.0V to 5.0V
It is very easy to connect it with Arduino if you have Arduino Sensor
If you don't have sensor shield, you could wire them in the  following ways: 
Arduino  FM Module
GND --------------GND
5V -----------------VCC
SDA ---------------SDA
SCL ---------------SCL 
Then connect the antenna.  ( Any metal line about 75cm can serve as an antenna.)

Package includes:
1 x FM Radio Transmitter V2.0 Module
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