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 4x5 20 keys switch Membrane Matrix KeyPad button
4x5 20 keys switch Membrane Matrix KeyPad button
SKU : key20-D130
Stock : 25pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
Our membrane keypad provides 20 keys on an 9-socket connector using a matrix system to detect which key has been pressed.

The matrix keypad is wired via a flexible ribbon to an 9 header socket.

The keypad can be stuck to a hard surface using the sticky pad provided to provide a hard backing to the keypad - making it easier to press and use the keys.

Perfect for adding user input to your projects or as a replacement to worn keypads.

Max circuit rating: DC 35V, 100mA
Dielectric withstand: 250VRms (50-60Hz, 1 min)
Insulation resistance: > 100M Ohm, 100V
Contact bounce: <=5ms
Life expectancy: 1 million closures
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +80°C
Fixing:  Self-adhesive
Connector type: 9 pin
Total length: 178 mm
Cable length: 104mm (including connector)
Size: 85mm x 73mm x 1mm
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