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 HK1100C Air Water Oil pressure sensor 1.2mpa
HK1100C Air Water Oil pressure sensor 1.2mpa
SKU : HK11C-C209F12A
Stock : 13pcs
Price:PKR 4800.00
Technical Parameters

Working Voltage:5.0 VDC
Output Voltage:0.5-4.5  VDC
Working Current:<=10  mA
Working Pressure Range:0-1.2  MPa
The Biggest Pressure:1.5  MPa
Destroy Pressure:3.0  MPa
Working TEMP. Range:0-85  Celsius Degree
Storage Temperature Range:0-85  Celsius Degree
Measuring Error: - 1.0  %FSO
Temperature Range Error: - 3.0  %FSO
Response Time:<=2.0  ms

1.Suitable for wall hanging furnace, gas furnace, gas storage, etc all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic pressure measurement
2.Suitable for civil use product batch
3.Static accuracy: - 1.0% FS
4.Pressure range 0-1.2 MPa
5.Wide range of temperature compensation
6.Medium for non-corrosive gas, water, oil, etc
7.Stainless Steel Shell
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