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 Android Endoscope Camera Waterproof 6LED 7mm Lens
Android Endoscope Camera Waterproof  6LED 7mm Lens
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Android endoscope is a new type of electronic products. The advantages of this product are: small size, light weight, front module shell diameter 7mm , the middle part of the installation of a control box (adjust the light), you can adjust the brightness of six LED lights, capture images after taking pictures directly in the phone , You can record, record the entire process of inspection to facilitate the follow-up observation and analysis
 Support system: Android /Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Color: Black

Before using this item, please make sure your phone is Android System, support OTG, and phone camera is compatible with UVC. Do Not support IOS system.

product description
1: diameter 7mm
2: 3.5 meters long line
3: waterproof level: IP67 (the product is waterproof)
4: HD coms camera
5: Resolution: 640 * 480
6: Pixels: 1.3 million
7: Android interface
8: Focal length: see things 3-8cm can see, 6cm the most clear (not self-focusing)
9: Frames: 30 frames per second
10: Product weight: 0.20KG
11: Packing: 130mm x 130mm x 40m
Products are widely used in:
1, car: used to check the engine, hydraulic components, nozzle part of the quality inspection and assembly testing.
2, industrial machinery: for inspection, boilers, heat exchangers; machinery and equipment and manufacturing equipment.
3, petrochemical: for the process of configuration pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment inspection.
4, electronics, electrical workers to: for mechanical action check. Parts inspection and research and development.
5, gas: to help check the gas pipe with or without rust, corrosion and water, exhaust pipe or not injured and so on.
6, aviation, aerospace: for the turbine, the blade, the combustion chamber of the regular inspection or body inspection, as well as rocket engine research made, manufacturing.
7, steel: In addition to equipment maintenance, but also for the quality of pipe products inspection.
8, railway, ship: used to check the turbine, heater, diesel engine, boiler flames, pipe inspection.
9, construction: for the inspection of steel pipe corrosion and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, the rusty steel conditions, the bridge joints to wait, can also be used for the tunnel inside the hollow, architectural model observation.
10, public safety, customs departments: can be used to check the hiding drugs and smuggled goods.
11, the water pipe: and in the inspection of the drainage pipe rust and plug the diagnosis.
12, electricity: for nuclear power, fire, hydraulic stations within the various types of heat exchangers, pipes, turbines, such as inspection and maintenance.
13, archaeological: for the Buddha, the tomb of the internal observation.
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