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 XBee Shield with Logic Level Converter For Arduino
XBee Shield with Logic Level Converter For Arduino
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xbee shield with logic level converter is an enhanced serial port xbee module breakout can directly plug in with arduino, and use d0 d3 of the basic board to connect with the xbee module.its spi and uart bus is convert the logic level 5v to 3.3v,and it s stackable, you can connect the 3.3v io module or shield to this shield directly. the  logic level converter  show in the below allowed your arduino board connect to different io logic level module safety.with logic level converter 3.3v to 5v or 1.8v to 5v or 1.8v to 3.3v .
with cc1101 module connecter.
provide maximal 800ma under 3.3v.
4 indicator led  rssi, ass, din, dout  for xbee.
switchable of communication with ftdi usb  base board.
full 2.54mm break out for xbee.
with wireless program hardware interfaces.
reset button for base board.
stackable interfaces.
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