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 NANO UNO I/O Expansion Sensor Shield V3.0 RED Module
NANO UNO I/O Expansion Sensor Shield V3.0 RED Module
SKU : NanoES1-D93
Stock : 17pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
NANO UNO I/O Expansion Sensor Shield V3.0 RED Module + UNO R3 Nano V3.0 ATmega328P Board for Arduino Nano

This little shield that could, takes the small and fiesty NANO and gives it all the capabilities of its bigger brother, the UNO.

The shield gives you full access to all the digital and analog ports that an Arduino NANO can possibly provide and gives each its own VCC and GND. This is the typical required format that sensor modules are supplied in. Furthermore the shield breaks out the I2C and UART connections allowing nice and simple connection for modules such as SD card readers and LCD displays.

An onboard DC socket allows for the simple addition of an external power source. As the board holds the same form factor as an Arduino UNO it has been made possible to add pin headers and subsquently piggy-back your NANO just as you would an UNO shield. This opens up parallel computing oppurtunities for those projects that are just too much for a single microcontroller.

This Nano Expansion Breakout Board Shield can be used to expand all 6
digital I/O PWM pins. It’s an easy to use expansion and prototyping interface to
make experimenting with your Nano board a snap. It also features a DC power
plug for external power supplies if the Nano’s USB power isn’t sufficient

Nano Shield:
- Designed to facilitate an easy connection for Arduino Nano and many other devices
- A perfect companion of Nano breadboard and compatible for Arduino Nano v2.x and v3.x
- 14 I/O pin (servo type with GND, power and signal)
- 8 analog pin with power output and GND
- 6 PWM pin
- 1 Servo power input
- 5 I2C expansion pin
- AREF output
- 3.3V output
- Size: 55 * 52 * 12mm
- Weight: 20g
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