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 8051/89CXX/89SXX Development Board with STC mcu
8051/89CXX/89SXX Development Board with STC mcu
SKU : AVR51DB2-D22
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Price:PKR 1400.00
100% Brand new and high quality.
Download mode:USB download (STC52 STC MCU);
Support AT89S51, AT89S52 microcontroller download (need to meet a download manager);
Support ATmega16, ATmega32 AVR microcontroller download (need to meet the adapter plate and a download manager);
Power Mode:PC USB interface and an external 5V power supply (DC-005 Power Block);
Reset:power-on reset and 51/AVR two-button reset;
Crystal:The socket hole welding, user-friendly replacement;
Outside the extended supply: external expansion through 3-way pin 5V power supply, easy connection to external experimental use;
All IO pin external expansion, easy to connect external experimental use;
Development board power source using tantalum capacitor design, stable.
  Module function:

8 high-brightness SMD led marquees;
4 common anode LED display;
LCD1602 and LCD12864 (support color) interfaces;
1 channel passive buzzer;
A channel DS18B20 temperature measurement circuit;
1 channel infrared interface circuit;
4 independent keys;
1 channel PL2303USB communication circuit.
Board Size:9x7.7x1.5cm(approx)
Cable length: 140cm(approx)

Package includes:
51/AVR MCU Development Board System Control Panel x 1
STC89C52 Chip x 1
USB Download Cable  x  1
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