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 8051 MCU system learning board with 89C52 ATMEL Microcontroller experimental boa
8051 MCU system learning board with 89C52 ATMEL Microcontroller experimental boa
SKU : AVR51DB2-D22S12
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89c51 , 89s51, 89c52, 89s52 51 MCU system learning board with 89C52 ATMEL Microcontroller experimental board system board STC89C52

Introduction to the function modules on board
1.8-bit high brightness LED racing lamp;
2.4-bit common positive digital tube display;
3.LCD1602 and LCD12864 interface;
4.1 channel passive buzzer;
6.1 infrared interface;
7.4 independent buttons;
8.1 channel CH340G USB communication;
9.PCB Size:90MM*76MM
10.board weight: 140 g

Reasons for purchasing 51 development board

1. By default, a USB cable can be used for power supply and download. There is a ch340 serial communication download chip on the board, which can be directly downloaded by STC single-chip . At the same time, if the AT series single-chip is used, the development board has an ISP download interface, which can be directly connected to the ISP downloader for downloading.

2. The development board adopts 40p IC lock seat, which is convenient for chip replacement. By default, it comes with STC89C52RC, you can replace the chip with the same pin of this chip, such as STC system pin compatible chip; AT89S51, AT89S52; ATmega16, ATmega32 (AVR need to cooperate with 51 / AVR adapter board)

3. The key part has jumper cap, which can be disconnected to make it independent unit

4. development board power supply mode: computer USB power supply (USB interface) and external 5V power supply (dc-005 power supply).

5. development board reset mode: power on reset and 51 / AVR double key reset;

6. development board crystal oscillator: adopt round hole socket welding method, convenient for users to replace crystal oscillator

7. external expansion power supply: 3-way 5V power supply is expanded through the row of pins to facilitate the connection of external experiment;

All IO pins are expanded to facilitate the connection of external experiments;
Driver and development environment
1. Driver support: WINDOWS 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / VISTA /
Server 2008 / Win7 / Win8 32 Bit / 64/Win10
2. Development environment:Keil
3. Downloard: STC-ISP

As shown in figure 1 welding good 51 development board piece (including the copper column)
2 STC89C52 microcontroller (industrial) a chip
3 download the power cord a USB power supply (download and power supply for the same power cord)

Main routine as follows (all debugging through) :
1 led lantern (from top to bottom and from bottom to top in turn light)
2 PWM control LED lights gradually fade out the program (LED the most dark and bright)
3 buzzer singing - eight bay of flowers
4 buzzer singing - only a mother good in the world
5 the first snow of the buzzer to sing - 2002
6 a buzzer alarm generator. -
7 buzzer - drops to quote???
8 buzzer - simulation gunfire
9 buzzer - the fire alarm
10 separate button control led lights
11 digital tube digital mobile display
12 digital tube digital clock display function of time (with keys)
13 matrix keyboard digital tube display
14 matrix keyboard 1602 display
15 relay experiment
All 16 light lattice
17 lattice mobile display effect
18 dot matrix display Numbers
19 PWM dc motor
20 stepper motor experiment
21 1602 liquid crystal display characters
22 the external interrupt level trigger
23 timer 0 experiment
24 microcontroller communicates with the PC serial port
25 PC serial port control microcontroller running water light
26 digital S18B20 temperature measurement
27 1602 LCD DS18B20 temperature measurement
28 single chip microcomputer temperature measurement computer display
29 PCF8591 AD - DA experiment
30 real time clock DS1302 calendar digital tube display
31 DS1302LCD1602 real-time clock calendar display
Block 32 EEPROM IIC - AT24C02 experiment
33 IR infrared remote control experiment
34 12864 liquid crystal display (with Chinese character)
35 TFT2.4 man inch touch screen display program

Package Included :
1PCS x 51 development board
1PCS x High-quality USB cable
1PCS x STC89C52 Chip
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