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 DRV8825 Reprap Stepper Motor Driver CNC 3D Printer
DRV8825 Reprap Stepper Motor Driver  CNC 3D Printer
SKU : DRV8825-C300F4B
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Price:PKR 350.00
The DRV8825 is an all in one motor driver with built in indexing operation so no more individual coil driving, just 'direction' and 'step'!!

The modules are capable of driving in full step mode, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/32 step mode. With a drive capability of 1.5A (2.2A with heatsink and forced air cooling) and up to 45V input voltage, the DRV8825 has a great deal of capabilities summed up into a very small package.

Current decay modes are automatically selected by the driver using a very intelligent system of detecting what would be the best method. Combine that with a low On Rds at the outputs for low internal power dissipation in the output transistors, undervoltage lockout, thermal shutdown circuits and short circuit protection, these modules have everything a bidding 3D printer or CNC Enthusiast could possibly want!
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