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 NTC high temperature sensor 10K 1% precision MF58
NTC high temperature sensor 10K 1% precision MF58
SKU : 58K10-C283F12A
Stock : 72pcs
Price:PKR 120.00
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Product Specifications: A temperature sensor is a MJB or MJD thermistor being sealed with insulating, thermal conducting and fireproofing material into different models and dimensions. The configuration and dimension can be adjusted to be easy for installation and detection. Features: 1. Wide operating temperature range, good stability and reliability.
2. Easy to installation and manipulation as the sealing can be done according to environment
and conditions there it is applied by customer.
3. Accurate testing can reflect temperature change precisely.
4. Insulating resistance(MO): more than 100MO
5. Working temperature range(celsius): -40 to +100
6. Dissipation factor(mw/celsius): 5-15 (in still air)
7. Thermal time constant(s): 20-50 (in air)
1. Refrigerator, frozen cabinet, air conditioner, microwave oven, electric brooder
2. Water heater, dishwasher, bread maker, disinfecting machine, soybean milk machine
R@25°c : 1-470KO.
R@25°c precision value: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10%.
B@25°c/50°c: 3270, 3380, 3470, 3550, 3700, 3950, 3990, 4200K. 
  MJS: MJ: Minjie; S: NTC thermistor temperature sensor.
MJSE:  E: Epoxy Encapsulation (Drip) 
MJST:  T:  Tube Encapsulation
MJSP:  P: Profiled Encapsulation
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