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 Adjustable DC 0-30V 5A Switching Power Supply STP3005
Adjustable DC 0-30V 5A Switching Power Supply STP3005
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SKYTOPPOWER Power supply


This power supply is a regulated DC power supply which you can adjust the current and the voltage continuously.
It can be used in the electronic circuit such as the operational amplifier, digital logic circuit and so on.
It uses the 3-digit LED to display the values of the voltage and the current. And the output terminal is a 4mm banana .
New PWM switch for voltage stabilization, MOS linear secondary voltage stabilization.
Energy-saving and efficiency, over 80% power, 40% higher than many other liner power supplies.
Intelligent temperature control, adjustable fan revolving speed based on load power, noise reduced and life prolonged.
Quick , microsecond load, fast .
Safe and reliable, it support overload Protection, overheating protection, over voltage protection, short-circuit protection etc.

Model: STP3005
Plug Type: US, EU, AU, UK (Optional)
Input Voltage: 110V/220VAC±10% (Switchable)
Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
Output: DC 0~30V, 5A
Load Regulation:=0.3%+5mV
Voltage Display Accuracy: LED 1%2 byte
Current Display Accuracy: LED 1%2 byte
Operating Temperature: 0?~ +40?
Storage Temperature: -10?~ +70?
Storage and Operating Humidity:=80%RH
Pollution Degree: 2
Size: 300*127*183mm/11.8 * 5 * 7.2" 
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