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 74HC244N Octal Buffer and Line Driver 3 State
74HC244N Octal Buffer and Line Driver 3 State
SKU : 74HC244N-C344
Stock : 155pcs
Price:PKR 30.00
The 74HC244N is a non-inverting buffer and has two active low enables (1G and 2G); each enable independently controls 4 buffers. This device does not have Schmitt trigger inputs. These 3-STATE buffers utilize advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology and are general purpose high speed non-inverting buffers. They possess high drive current outputs which enable high speed operation even when driving large bus capacitances. These circuits achieve speeds comparable to low power Schottky devices, while retaining the advantage of CMOS circuitry, i.e., high noise immunity, and low power consumption. All three devices have a fanout of 15 LS-TTL equivalent inputs. All inputs are protected from damage due to static discharge by diodes to VCC and ground.

Typical propagation delay: 14 ns
3-STATE outputs for connection to system buses
Wide power supply range: 2–6V
Low quiescent supply current: 80 µA
Output current: 6 mA
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