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 30mm Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant
30mm Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant
SKU : HTT30-T4
Stock : 63pcs
Price:PKR 500.00
Temp Kapton / Polyimide Tape 30mm 33m/Roll
High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape with one sided silicone adhesive in a range of sizes suitable for 3D  Printing applications and electrical insulation up to 280ºC.
Brand New
Withstands high temperature
One-side Self-adhesive
Heat Resistance: 280?
Color:Dark Brown
Size: 30mm(width)×33M(±2M length)
Substrate material thickness: 0.025mm
Thickness with adhesive: 0.05mm
Can be re-release film.
Release paper can be complex.
With superior aging qualities and good elongation
Withstands high temperature
Designed for industrial use

Package includes:
  1 x30mm -33m 100ft- Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide BGA
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