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 clapping Voice activated 5MM green LED DIY kit mic
clapping Voice activated 5MM green LED DIY kit mic
SKU : CLED2-C317F12A
Stock : 23pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
Click on the following link for product video demo presentation.

Working voltage: 3-5.5V

PCB board: FR-4 A grade glass fiber board
Dimensions: 3CM * 2.3CM

Parts List:
Number of component names
PCB board
With a foot microphone head
XH2.54-2P bending seat 1
XH2.54-2P line 1
5MM white hair blue LED 5
Transistor 2
1M resistance
10K resistance
Electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitor
FR4-A board using high-quality glass fiber board production, the factory every PCB board have been flying probe test, new and original components, the quality should be dependent.
Circuit function:
After the success of this kit, 5 LED will flash with the rhythm of music or other sound up and can be placed near the sound, so that the lights for the music dancing!
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