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 MAX485 TTL to RS485 RS-485 Module Converter
MAX485 TTL to RS485 RS-485 Module Converter
SKU : 485TTL-C299S1
Stock : 180pcs
Price:PKR 120.00
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ses RS485 chipset, similar to MAX485 - this converts TTL level signals to/from RS485 signals for noise-free transmission/reception for much longer distances than TTL signals could get.
 The communication distance when using twisted pair cable is up to approx. 1200 metres, with a comms rate of up to 20Mbps.
 Can be used in high-noise/interference environments.
 RS485 also supports multiple units on the same bus.
 Power supply voltage should be DC 5V.
 Two pin terminals.
 5.08mm pitch.
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