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 Tcrt5000l 5 Ways Tracking Sensor black white lines
Tcrt5000l 5 Ways Tracking Sensor black white lines
SKU : IR5W-C47F11B
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1. Type: 5-Way Tracking Sensor 
2. Size: 95mm x 20mm (LxW) 
3. Use the chip: 74HC14D
4. Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V
5. Output mode: digital signal
6. Measuring distance: 1CM-1.5CM
7. Detection probe: TCRT5000L
8. Detection signal: detection of black line input low, detection of white 
9. line is high, beyond the detection range output low.
10. LED status: detection of black line LED off, detection of white line LED light

1. VCC
VCC for the power supply positive input port, can access 3.3V ~ 5V voltage
2. GND
GND is the power supply negative input port
3. OUT1 ~ 5
OUT for the signal output port, link the MCU I / O port
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