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 Small 12v dc motor with optical encoder sensor
Small 12v dc motor with optical encoder sensor
SKU : ME12V1-H28F12A
Stock : 56pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
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The output phase of AB phase disc, with a phase difference of 90 degrees, can identify the positive and negative rotations, which is of great significance in anti-interference. The AB phase can be directly input to the IO port of the MCU or Arduino.

Pin definition: 
1 A phase output;
2 B phase output; 
3 DC 2V-3.3V power supply positive input (for input of 5V change resistance R1 to 200 ohms);
4 power ground; 
5 motor power 6 to 12v +
6 motor power ground -

rated voltage DC 12V
Idle current 40mA
No-load speed 7800 rpm
For voltage DC6-12V (3800-7800 rpm)
weight 25g
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