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 Reed Proximity Magnetic Switch Sensor normal open
Reed Proximity Magnetic Switch Sensor normal open
Stock : 36pcs
Price:PKR 200.00
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The proximity switch is connected by a reed pipe through a wire, when magnet is brought near it will make a connection and when magnet is away it will act as open switch, When a magnetic body approaches, a switch action is caused, which is generally used as a position sensor.
    Small size, easy installation, reliable performance, plastic shell, wear resistance, no standby power consumption ,
Sealed installation, stable operation, when the optical and other sensors because of the harsh environment and can not work, the magnetic sensor can still be used normally , the installation is simple and easy to adjust

Application range:
Measurement instruments, office automation equipment, housewares, security and safety equipment, transportation equipment.

it can withstand
Power 200V, 0.5A, 10W

Switch Form Normally Open Type

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