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 LED DC 0-100V Digital Voltmeter Panel voltage meter
LED DC 0-100V Digital Voltmeter Panel voltage meter
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Can be used for measuring the car / battery car / motorcycle battery voltage, and other forms of voltage Can be used in all kinds of voltage measurement purposes
Reverse polirity protection.
Item specifics
Display Type:
Digital Only 
Power supply:
DIY usage scenarios:
Measuring range:
DC 0-100V 
Operating temperature:
-10 degrees~65 degrees 
Accuracy class:
± (1% + 2 Digit) 
Measurement range:
DC 0-100V 
Display mode:
three 0.28 LED digital tube 
Mini Digital Voltmeter:
Voltage Meters 

Compact, range DC 0-100V, require additional auxiliary power
Wide Auxiliary supply voltage range, up to 4-30V, need no regulator
Reverse polarity protection,power lines will not burn when reversed
Equipped with three wiring, easy access to car / electric car / motorcycle test line
Red: Header supply - positive, the maximum can not exceed 30V
Black line: common ground, table header powered - negative, test terminal - negative
yellow line: Header Test input
Can be used for various voltage applications

Operating voltage: 4~30V (with reverse polarity protection)
Test voltage: 0~99.9V
Operating Current: <20mA
Display: 0.36 inch LED, red

Screw Hole Size: 2mm
Measurement rate: = 500mS / times
Extreme working conditions:
Minimum operating voltage: +4 V
Maximum working voltage: +30 V
Operating Temperature: -10~+65 degrees

Operating Humidity: 10~80% (non-condensing)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa
sun exposure: no direct exposure
Dimension:2.8 x 2 x 1.5cm(L x W x H)
Net weight:7g

Package include:
1 x three-wire DC digital voltmeter

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