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 Endstop RAMPS 1.4 Limit switch for 3D printer
Endstop RAMPS 1.4 Limit switch for 3D printer
Stock : 36pcs
Price:PKR 200.00
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Specially tailored high-quality wiring, using 22AWG wire, the copper wire inside is very thick, can withstand 2A current, 300V voltage. The temperature range of the insulation is also very wide and can reach 80 degrees. It's unmatched by the fine copper wires. It is not easy to pull off, it is also convenient to insert and pull. For convenience, the plug on the other side is well integrated and can be used directly.
The kit includes:
1) A mechanical switch
2) A 3-pin connector

Connection instructions:
1) The red line connects VCC ( ramps +)
2) Connect black wires to GND ( ramps -)
3) Green line connection SIGNAL (ramps s)

Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system needs to configure at least three mechanical switches.

Advantages: Easy to install, more common styles.
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