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 NE555 Time Delay Monostable Switch Module Board
NE555 Time Delay Monostable Switch Module Board
SKU : TS555M-C173F12A
Stock : 50pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
This item is a timer switch module, based on NE555 chip, high-performance timing CPU design. The power indicator LED and switch trigger timing indication LEDs. Timing from microseconds to long hours. 

1)Connecting it with the vehicle equipment in case the vehicle equipment being damaged for the high current.
2)It can protect several equipment from damaging for working together.

1)The relay will delay to close after connecting with the power supply.
2)The time of delay can be adjusted from 0-10s
3)It can control equipment AC below 220V/10A,power below 2000W.
4)With relay current protection function
5)Increase of the potentiometer leads to time delay increase.
6)Enlarging the capacitor leads to time delay increase.

- Module based on: NE555 chip.
- Dimension: 68 (L) * 22 (W) * 18 (H) mm (with potentiometer ).
- Input voltage: DC12V.
- Adjustable time: 0 to 10 seconds.
- Control voltage: AC 0250V / max. 10A, DC 030V / max. 10A.
- Max. load: 2200W.
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