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 2 Channel Independent PWM frequency Generator Adjustable Duty cycle
2 Channel Independent PWM frequency Generator Adjustable Duty cycle
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2 Channel Independent PWM Generator Adjustable Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency Module Suitable For Serial Communication

2. Suitable for serial communication.
3. Wide frequency range, high accuracy.
4. Two independent PWM generators can set the frequency and duty cycle.
Module Parameters:
1. Working voltage: 5--30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply.
2. Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz.
3. The frequency accuracy: ¡À 2%.
4. Output current: <30mA.
5. Output amplitude: Default 5Vp-p (settable).
6. Operating temperature range: -30 ~ + 70 ¡æ.
7. Product size: 4.3x2.9x0.9cm - 1.69x1.14x0.35in
Parameter Settings:
1. Module has three buttons: [Set], [Up], [Down].
2. Press [Set] key to switch the display of four parameters (FR1: PWM1 frequency; dU1: PWM1 duty cycle; FR2: frequency of PWM2; dU2: PWM2 duty cycle), before the handover parameters, there will be corresponding parameter name flashing.
3. Press [Up], [Down] keys to modify the current parameter value (long press can quickly add or subtract fast).
4. Two PWM each have three preset frequency, and in the frequency display interface, long press [SET] key to switch between three types of frequencies, three kinds of frequency duty cycle is the same. (XXX: range 1Hz ~ 999Hz; XX.X: range 0.1Khz ~ 99.9Khz; X.X.X .: range 1Khz ~ 150Khz,).
Applicable Scopes:
1. To generate a square wave signal for experimental development as a square wave signal generator.
2. To generate a square wave signal for stepping motor driver.
3. To generate adjustable pulse generation for chip use.
4. To generate variable pulse signal for controlling related circuit (PWM dimming, speed).
Package Included:
1 x 2-way Independent PWM Generator
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