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 Red DC Voltmeter 5-120V LCD display Panel Meter voltage meter
Red DC Voltmeter 5-120V LCD display Panel Meter voltage meter
SKU : VMD90-B206F2A
Stock : 1pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
Red DC Voltmeter 5-33V LCD display  Panel Meter Digital volt menter  with two wire

The voltmeter is applicable to almost all electric vehicles, high precision, stable and reliable.
High precision
Minimum 5 v low working voltage,
with reverse polarity protection, reverse does not burn.
Ultra-high pressure 35 v not to burn.
Technical parameters:
Measuring range: Red DC5-120 V
Power Range: no additional power supply voltage as measured directly by the power range above
Maximum input: DC35V. Note: Note: the input voltage is higher than 35v may be permanent damage.
Tolerance: 1%
Input impedance:> 100K Europe
Current: Red < 23 ma,
Refresh rate: about 300mS time
Display:  "0.56" LED Digital tube
Display color: red
Lead Length: 20cm
Working temperature: -20 to 65 degrees Celsius
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