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 LCD DC-DC Adjustable Buck Step Down Power Supply
LCD DC-DC Adjustable Buck Step Down Power Supply
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Price:PKR 1250.00
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  • Input voltage: 5~23V, recommend the use of within 20V. (Input voltage must be 1V higher than the output voltage.)
  • Output voltage: 0~16.5V, continuously adjustable. (Automatically saves the last set voltage.)
  • Output current: 3A Peak, recommend the use of within 2A. (Over 2A, please enhance heat dissipation.)
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • High conversion efficiency: up to 95%
  • Load regulation: S (I) =0.8%
  • Voltage regulation: S (U) =0.8%
Calibration instructions:
  • The module has calibration function, no need to worry if the measurement is not accurate.
  • If you find that the measuring values are not accurate or values are stuck, and left and right buttons can not adjust  voltage, please do as follow:
Calibration method:
  • First, in the case of power off, press and hold the left button and access to power, then the display starts flashing, release the button.
  • Next, measure the output voltage with a multimeter and press the left and right button to adjust the value until the multimeter displays close to 5V, such as 4.98V, 5.02V.
  • Finally, access to power, then the calibration is complete. Error can be less than 0.04V, if the error is larger, you can try again.
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