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 XT60 Parallel Balanced Charging Board 2-6S Lipo Plate
XT60 Parallel Balanced Charging Board 2-6S Lipo Plate
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XT60 Parallel Balanced Charging Board 2-6S Lipo Plate

Convenient to charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger.
The charging time is significantly reduced since all batteries are balanced at the same time instead of balancing batteries one by one.
Features XT-60 for your batteries main leads and JST-XH balance plugs ranging from 2S to 6S.
Prevent each cell when overcharge or short circuit happens
This product is used for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries(including LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion types) in parallel.

This product is used for connecting and simultaneously charging 1-6 lithium batteries in parallel(Including the LiPo, LiFe and Lion). It can support combined use for 3 parallel charging boards(it means you can charge 18 batteries which have the same characters at the same time).

- Cell: 2~6S
- Voltage: DC 0~22.2V
- Max current: 40A
- Connector: XT60
- Battery: 6 packs same capacity & cell count

Package includes:
1 x  Parallel charging plate
1 x Balanced cable(7-pin balance ports)
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